Beginning of Spring Break

An unexpected but welcome week off for the husband means that we moved our break up to get a jump start on spring cleaning, or in our case cleaning in general. We started yesterday and here is what we have accomplished so far:

  • several notes on tasks that still need to be accomplished and ideas for future projects
  • rearranging the living room-moving couches, piano, adding and removing bookcases and storage
  • cleaning walls and trim, and dusting, lots of dusting
  • we have gone through most of our books and purged close to half
  • many items tossed and donated
  • began sorting boxes of paper work
  • sorted pens, pencils, and markers

We are hoping to accomplish many things this week and have some fun too. For now the house is messy and chaotic as things are moved around and sorted but there is a dim light at the end of the tunnel.

Garter Rib Baby Blanket

img_1401There is something about the start of a new year that means the start of a new project, even when I have several to finish. This will be a blanket for the new baby. It is probably one of the easiest projects I have ever done and I have not had to start it over once! Most projects I start over at least once but it is usually two or three times before I like what I see and move on to completing the project. It is going pretty fast and I should be done with it soon. I try to do at least 3 rows a day, more if I can but 3 is usually my limit.

Pattern: Garter Rib Baby Blanket by Orange Flower Yarn on ravelry. Started on January 5, 2017. Using Loops & Threads Silky Soft Worsted in soft grey. This was yarn I purchased several years ago on clearance. I was using my Great Grandma’s green plastic knitting needles and they broke mid project so I switched to her size 8  circular needles.

Cutting fabric for another project

I know I already have over 30 WIPs in progress and I need to  be working on them. However this week I had the flu. Who gets the flu in the summer?! I should be getting caught up on the laundry, and the dishes that have piled up but tonight I have the house to myself. No husband and no kids. I finally don’t have a fever and don’t feel awful. So I am going to sit, watch tv, and cut some fabric. Not quite sure what it will become yet but I may have an idea. To make myself feel less guilty I organized by box of fabric for making quilts. I will be busy for awhile…image

Struggling a bit today

Struggling with this a lot today. Several people I know are putting there homes on the market, starting new jobs, and adventures. I am sitting here in my messy house craving simplicity, craving a different life, craving authenticity,craving more. I want a better life. A life that means more. Less complaining, more doing what I love and want to do. How can I learn to be content with where I am now, learning to love where I am in the journey and yet strive for more, better? What are my goals, hopes,and dreams? For me my husband, my family, my house, our life?  How do I make it happen? Where do I start?

Today was filled with progress but none of it is necessarily notable. A path was cleared in one of my overgrown garden beds today and another bed partially weeded. Laundry was done and even hung outside to dry. The kids played outside. We had nourishing meals. We even read books. Still more to do but I accomplished more today than the day before.



Learning to write a better story

Life gets crazy sometimes. And I feel like we have been on the crazy train for waaayy to long and I am ready to get off. This summer we have a few activities planned and a couple of short trips but our main goal is to have an organized house. I have been working on some small things in the month of June but I must have blinked because it is now July. This means I have about 2 months to get things done. Where to start? How can I keep it up? What sort of organization do I need? I have no clue but I am determined to figure it out. I have many projects and plans on my to do lists. (Notice I said lists). I have a lot of lists and it drives my husband crazy. They are EVERYWHERE!

Plan A-We will call it this for now because I am sure it will be revised several times as I figure out what works. Tonight I will write and plan, making goals for myself, my home, and my family. Some will be short term, some long term, and some very long term. I know this will not be an easy process. In fact it will probably be a painful process and I will make a lot of mistakes but hopefully there will be a lot of growth and amazing changes that take place. Well I am off to find some paper, pens, tea, and lots of chocolate.

Baby Shower Gift

hat for Christina's shower

Magic loop, HDC, DC,and sc. Haven’t made one of these in awhile. My hands feel awkward trying to figure out the sizing, proper way to hold the hook. I need to practice more. I need to create more. I need to carve out time for myself to do this, daily. To feel needles click, yarn swirl and loop over, in and out, the hum of a sewing machine. To make something for myself, for my family, for others. This is calming, relaxing.  Using this pattern and this to create the hat for a baby shower I had to attend later that day. This hat is my first completed project for the year, the first of many more finished projects I hope.