Today’s Harvest

After a beautiful weekend spending time together as a family, I told myself I would try to get just a couple things checked off my ever growing to do list before the start of a new week. I went outside with the intention of  just picking strawberries and cleaning the chicken coop. Here is what I ended up with:Harvest 10.11.15

  • strawberries-ready to add to a smoothie in the morning
  • 4 eggs (2 out of our 3 spring chicks are finally laying)!
  • purple and golden beets- going to try beet tops for the first time and roasted beets with feta are on the menu this week
  •  flowers from basil plants-turned into pesto, to be used in soups and other dishes over the winter

The chickens now have clean nesting boxes and the chicken tractor moved to fresh grass, the compost has been taken out,  and Candy (our bantam chicken) has recovered from her injuries so she can try once again to join the others. If they can’t play nice this time then we may have to look at finding her a new home. Who knew chickens were such bullies.

My fridge is full of mostly healthy food, ready for our meals for the week, some of it we grew ourselves! The dishwasher is currently running so I can have clean dishes in the morning. Feeling so thankful tonight for all these blessings.