Front Porch

One of the things that attracted me to this house when we viewed it was the front porch. I could picture late night talks on a porch swing. Getting lost in a book while curled up in a large wicker chair.  Conversations with friends while drinking tea or lemonade. Haircuts. First snowfalls of the year and hot chocolate. Music being played by friends and family members on a warm summer evening.

Our porch is not large but perfect for intimate gatherings. I love that it has so much potential and that it is easy to extend it as a part of our home. Another room if you will. It is not complete by any means, like most of our home but it is growing with us and slowly coming together.

After dinner tonight it was still too nice to be inside so we decided to go outside  and read our bedtime story on the front porch. Tonight we read the first chapter of My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett. At first there was a bit of resistance but then once the words come to life for them they never want to stop. I love it! I hope that all my children will develop this love of reading.  While we were curled up and cozy in our old wicker chairs, getting lost in the pages of our story one of our cats was trying to sneak into the house, making the story seem even more real to us.

The kids have already asked to read out there tomorrow and I think we just might. Maybe we will even watch part of the storm that is headed our way. Thankful for a house with a front porch.IMG_1559