Hexagon Baby Quilt

I have started several quilts. I have cut out pieces and laid them out. I may have even started sewing them. I have a few boxes of fabric and patterns all laid out and not a single finished quilt to show for it. Hoping this time it will be different. My baby sister is due with her second child any day now and I thought I would try to make a quilt as a  Christmas gift for baby girl.

So I dug though my fabric and precuts and found some in the colors that she was planning on using. She decided on yellow and orange. Not going to lie. These are some hard colors for me to work with ( I prefer neutrals and my sister loves bright bold colors and patterns). She has no idea that I am making this so hopefully she likes it.

Concerns:I am worried that it is a bit too 70s. I have only completed one small quilt before and I didn’t exactly pick an easy pattern for making this quilt. Having enough time to complete it.

Plan: Layout all the pieces to make a toddler/small quilt and not have to buy anymore for the quilt top. No borders. Watch youtube videos on how to sew a hexagon quilt. Figure out how much fabric I need to buy for back and have it match or coordinate with quilt top. Decide how to quilt the top. How do I finish it?


Possible layout
Securing each row so they don’t get mixed up.
Marking lines before sewing.
Sewing rows together.

5 rows left to sew together. Then ironing, lots of ironing. And then gathering the courage to sew the rows together. Hoping I can get all the rows sewn together by tomorrow.


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