Welcome to our beginning

Welcome! I feel like this is where we are, beginning again. Nothing has changed but everything has at the same time. Here is what got this ball rolling.

This summer we lost a few people very close to us. It has taken awhile to process and there are still days where it is hard to just keep it together.All of the people we lost this summer happened to be farmers. It is a big loss and the holes they left can’t ever filled. The loss of these people made us realize how much we miss this community and lifestyle. This is how we want to raise our children, what we do as a family, what we are passionate about.

So the next step/ thought: how do we begin, where do we start, what do we want to accomplish, what do we want our focus to be? So many questions. We both miss raising cows. That is what we want to do raise cows. Well we can’t keep a cow where we are now, not enough space. What about mini cows? Research mini cows… They are ADORABLE!!! Not to mention more practical for us and getting our kids involved. However they are expensive.  What breeds? I favor black and white. I would love to raise Galloways or Belted Galloways, my husband wants to raise mini Herefords.

The next big question: Do we stay or do we take a chance putting our house on the market. It was an agonizing decision but we decided not to put our house on the market right now. Too many things were left undecided and we didn’t feel that now was the time. So the decision to stay for the time being has been made. Next question: can we keep mini cows here? We don’t know. It is something that needs more research and cost analysis. Is it legal?

Okay so cows are still on the want list but not a feasible option right now. Shift gears a bit. If we could have a farm right now what would our goal be? What can we do on a smaller scale to hone those skills that we will need later? What do we focus on? What do we do first? No clue. We are reading, talking with others and watching videos to help us make the best decisions.

Wait a minute, we want a farm but our house is that house on the block. The one that needs a lot of work. Both inside and out. It is not ready for the projects and ideas that we have in mind. So in the midst of dreaming of having a farm reality has set in. Getting the house in order must come first. So we have been kicking ourselves into gear and little things are getting done inside and out. New light fixtures, clearing  pathways, getting rid of stuff. Tomorrow we are hosting an early Thanksgiving and yet again there is stuff everywhere because we have been cleaning and really trying to find out who we are and what is important to us. So this is our beginning, the mess, the unknown, the moments of learning to say yes and learning to say no. The dreams and the planning, the family that we are becoming. Welcome to our story and I hope you enjoy coming on this journey with us.




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