Spinning in circles

It is 10 am and I still haven’t eaten breakfast, I may have burned it a couple of times this morning, my tea is cold, and I am super behind already this morning. Like I am just spinning around in circles accomplishing nothing. I am trying to keep too many plates spinning at once and I am dropping them all.

Too many thoughts. Too many ideas. Too many to dos. There are so many things to learn and accomplish. I am having trouble staying consistent. Trouble staying organized. Trouble keeping things simple. I want better. I want more for myself and my family.  Need a clean slate and a simple plan that I can actually do and follow through. May need to drink a few cups of tea to think this process though. I want to succeed this time. How can I make that happen this time without wanting to give up or getting way over my head and becoming stressed out. Many things to think on and figure out. But first breakfast, or I guess brunch!


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