Spinning in circles

It is 10 am and I still haven’t eaten breakfast, I may have burned it a couple of times this morning, my tea is cold, and I am super behind already this morning. Like I am just spinning around in circles accomplishing nothing. I am trying to keep too many plates spinning at once and I am dropping them all.

Too many thoughts. Too many ideas. Too many to dos. There are so many things to learn and accomplish. I am having trouble staying consistent. Trouble staying organized. Trouble keeping things simple. I want better. I want more for myself and my family.  Need a clean slate and a simple plan that I can actually do and follow through. May need to drink a few cups of tea to think this process though. I want to succeed this time. How can I make that happen this time without wanting to give up or getting way over my head and becoming stressed out. Many things to think on and figure out. But first breakfast, or I guess brunch!

Endless Possibilities

“To make a new habit stick you need to make room in your life for it. Instead of worrying about how you are going to fit it all in, start letting go of the things, people and activities in your life that aren’t giving back. What can you say no to so you can say yes to prioritizing your health and happiness.”

I just read this on this blog today. It is very timely as we are trying to implement new habits and routines and get rid of clutter. Saying no is hard and so is delaying gratification. Our first response is  to go out and buy what we need right then, even if it isn’t right or something we really need. Learning to wait and see if  it is something you really want and need takes time and practice but it makes that item mean so much more when you know its value and purpose.

Learning to prioritize and taking the time to figure out what you value is not easy.As our get rid of pile is growing so is our ability to breathe. To envision what our life could be like and what we can do with our time when we are not in crises mode all the time. When we are no longer owned by stuff. What new things will we try? What will we do as a family? Where will we travel first? Possibilities are amazing and knowing that these things can and may happen is even better!


Cutting fabric for another project

I know I already have over 30 WIPs in progress and I need to  be working on them. However this week I had the flu. Who gets the flu in the summer?! I should be getting caught up on the laundry, and the dishes that have piled up but tonight I have the house to myself. No husband and no kids. I finally don’t have a fever and don’t feel awful. So I am going to sit, watch tv, and cut some fabric. Not quite sure what it will become yet but I may have an idea. To make myself feel less guilty I organized by box of fabric for making quilts. I will be busy for awhile…image