Struggling a bit today

Struggling with this a lot today. Several people I know are putting there homes on the market, starting new jobs, and adventures. I am sitting here in my messy house craving simplicity, craving a different life, craving authenticity,craving more. I want a better life. A life that means more. Less complaining, more doing what I love and want to do. How can I learn to be content with where I am now, learning to love where I am in the journey and yet strive for more, better? What are my goals, hopes,and dreams? For me my husband, my family, my house, our life?  How do I make it happen? Where do I start?

Today was filled with progress but none of it is necessarily notable. A path was cleared in one of my overgrown garden beds today and another bed partially weeded. Laundry was done and even hung outside to dry. The kids played outside. We had nourishing meals. We even read books. Still more to do but I accomplished more today than the day before.




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