Learning to write a better story

Life gets crazy sometimes. And I feel like we have been on the crazy train for waaayy to long and I am ready to get off. This summer we have a few activities planned and a couple of short trips but our main goal is to have an organized house. I have been working on some small things in the month of June but I must have blinked because it is now July. This means I have about 2 months to get things done. Where to start? How can I keep it up? What sort of organization do I need? I have no clue but I am determined to figure it out. I have many projects and plans on my to do lists. (Notice I said lists). I have a lot of lists and it drives my husband crazy. They are EVERYWHERE!

Plan A-We will call it this for now because I am sure it will be revised several times as I figure out what works. Tonight I will write and plan, making goals for myself, my home, and my family. Some will be short term, some long term, and some very long term. I know this will not be an easy process. In fact it will probably be a painful process and I will make a lot of mistakes but hopefully there will be a lot of growth and amazing changes that take place. Well I am off to find some paper, pens, tea, and lots of chocolate.


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