Inch by Inch, Row by Row…

Slowly and I mean very slowly my vision for our yard is taking shape. If I could create and keep up with what I want to do it would be amazing. Our yard was a blank slate when we moved in which was nice because I can make it look however we want. However it means a lot of work to plan, create, build and purchase. We will get there slowly. Trying to work on one area at a time but you know life, something always comes up or there is something more to learn and try.


This will be my kitchen garden area. ( This is only a partial picture). It measures 34×34 approximately.  As time and budget allows I am hoping to add in more raised beds, trellises, arches, fence in the whole space and of course have delicious fruits and veggies.

We had several starts and plants ready to go in the ground for weeks and now there are only a few left to plant. We planted sunflowers, corn, tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, beets, potatoes, pole and bush beans, squash and pumpkins, radishes, cantaloupe and probably some other things that I am forgetting to mention. Hoping there will be a break in the weather long enough for me to plant a bunch and then it can rain some more so I don’t have to water. I also need to get some more stuff started so it will be ready for those warmer days. Too many plants and seeds and just not enough time.

Struggling a bit today

Struggling with this a lot today. Several people I know are putting there homes on the market, starting new jobs, and adventures. I am sitting here in my messy house craving simplicity, craving a different life, craving authenticity,craving more. I want a better life. A life that means more. Less complaining, more doing what I love and want to do. How can I learn to be content with where I am now, learning to love where I am in the journey and yet strive for more, better? What are my goals, hopes,and dreams? For me my husband, my family, my house, our life?  How do I make it happen? Where do I start?

Today was filled with progress but none of it is necessarily notable. A path was cleared in one of my overgrown garden beds today and another bed partially weeded. Laundry was done and even hung outside to dry. The kids played outside. We had nourishing meals. We even read books. Still more to do but I accomplished more today than the day before.



Learning to write a better story

Life gets crazy sometimes. And I feel like we have been on the crazy train for waaayy to long and I am ready to get off. This summer we have a few activities planned and a couple of short trips but our main goal is to have an organized house. I have been working on some small things in the month of June but I must have blinked because it is now July. This means I have about 2 months to get things done. Where to start? How can I keep it up? What sort of organization do I need? I have no clue but I am determined to figure it out. I have many projects and plans on my to do lists. (Notice I said lists). I have a lot of lists and it drives my husband crazy. They are EVERYWHERE!

Plan A-We will call it this for now because I am sure it will be revised several times as I figure out what works. Tonight I will write and plan, making goals for myself, my home, and my family. Some will be short term, some long term, and some very long term. I know this will not be an easy process. In fact it will probably be a painful process and I will make a lot of mistakes but hopefully there will be a lot of growth and amazing changes that take place. Well I am off to find some paper, pens, tea, and lots of chocolate.