Let’s try this again

Grand plans today to be productive but things really didn’t go as planned. I had set my alarm to go off at 7 but I accidentally turned it off and woke up at 9. Whoops! The kids had gotten into Legos while I was asleep and they were now everywhere. The whole day felt off and we just couldn’t seem to accomplish much.

Here is what I was able to accomplish today:

  • changed and washed sheets
  • beds made
  • folded 3 loads of laundry-1 put away
  • ordered a gift for Maya’s birthday
  • made several phone calls and texts regarding plans and get togethers in the next few weeks
  • mt. wash-more has been partially sorted
  • garden watered- something dug up some of my potatoes, replanted them
  • worked on planning and organizing this week- so much to do
  • ran dishwasher twice

Some days I am able to get more things done then others. I just have to keep trying and hopefully things will get easier and my days will go a lot smoother. I am thankful for fresh starts and second chances.



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