Baby Shower Gift

hat for Christina's shower

Magic loop, HDC, DC,and sc. Haven’t made one of these in awhile. My hands feel awkward trying to figure out the sizing, proper way to hold the hook. I need to practice more. I need to create more. I need to carve out time for myself to do this, daily. To feel needles click, yarn swirl and loop over, in and out, the hum of a sewing machine. To make something for myself, for my family, for others. This is calming, relaxing.  Using this pattern and this to create the hat for a baby shower I had to attend later that day. This hat is my first completed project for the year, the first of many more finished projects I hope.

2 Teeth in Two Days

This kid lost two teeth in February. They had been loose for awhile and I went to see if they were ready to come out and one just fell out. He was so excited! The other tooth was super loose as well and fell out the next day.


“Well when I lost my first tooth, my dad showed me a picture of Captain  America. The next morning when I lost my second tooth it was bleeding a little bit, so my mom had me get a tissue to help me pull out the tooth. I cried a little bit when the second one came out so I decided to brush my teeth. It felt weird because I had a hole in my mouth. Then I had to send a picture to everyone. And that is the story of my teeth.” Kasper