I Love You Day 2016

I know I am late posting this but for some reason my posts were hiding and I had to re write this. Last year we started a Valentine’s Day tradition and we were looking forward to celebrating again this year. We had a menu planned, decorations ready,and a scavenger hut prepared but none of it happened this year. Instead we all slept the entire afternoon. As I have stated in several posts our family’s immune systems have taken quite a hit and we are still getting better. Because we overslept, we missed getting dinner in on time and we wouldn’t be eating until 7/7:30 pm. That doesn’t work with kids, especially if you haven’t gone grocery shopping and don’t have any healthy snacks.

We made the crazy decision to go out to eat. We called a couple places first to see how busy they were and they said they were not super busy. So we loaded everyone up and headed to the restaurant.We had they typical wait time and then we were seated. We ordered almost right away. It took almost an hour before we got food. Our kids were at their breaking point and we were ready to just walk away and go get fast food. Our food showed up just as we were getting ready to leave.  Despite the fact that our children were really hungry, they were able to keep it together and use their manners and not throw a fit. (One trick we utilize is to take Maya back out to the waiting area and let her run around until the food arrives).  All the hard work and practice on manners and patience is paying off!

After returning home the kids put their pj’s on and we made s’more dip for dessert. The kids really enjoyed it and were a smiling sticky mess when they were through. The day definitely did not go as planned,and those plans will be saved and tried again next year. (That way it will seem like I am organized and planning ahead.) The kids had fun. We all got some much needed rest. We spent the day together as a family. What could be better then that?




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