I Love You Day 2015

Saturday we had our first I love you day. I hope that it becomes an ongoing tradition for our little family. The idea came about after reading other blogs who have done similar things and an episode of the Bates family that I watched on youtube.  The idea is that on other holidays our children receive gifts from so many people we wanted a day where we can give them gifts, and they can give gifts to each other. It is a day where we spend it together as a family. We want to model love for our children everyday but having a day where we think of others and showing them how much they mean to us. We want them to think about how they can serve and care for other members of our family.

This year we were still trying to figure things out and what our plans may look like in the future. We made breakfast as a family and talked about going shopping to buy gifts. We talked about the need and importance for putting others before oneself. We weren’t going shopping so that they could purchase something that they wanted but something for their siblings. They each had a $5 spending limit per person. It was hard for them to understand  but they are still young and it is our natural desire to be selfish. Once they gave each other the gifts it clicked a little more for them. The joy of seeing someone opening a gift that you took the time to pick out just for them. They are still talking to each other about it. I pray that our children will continue to have a heart to serve others and that their lives will be a reflection of Christ in everything they do.

Anthony made dinner this year and next year I think  Kasper will help. This year he helped make the frosting. Analise and I made the cake and next year Maya will be able to help with the baking and decorating. It also gave us an opportunity to dress up and work on manners. I love that we can show our kids love and model how we should treat each other daily and to take one day out of the year and celebrate that is a blessing.This is definitely something that we want to continue.  I am excited for the memories we will make in the years to come.


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