Learning To Make Do

Inspired by this amazing Blog I have been thinking more and more about using what we have, or as she puts it with what you have. It is hard to know where to start when you have so much stuff and most of it you don’t want but might be able to do something with. When it is all chaos and clutter.

So you start somewhere. Today I took the plunge and just tried it. Instead of making something new for our lunch I cleaned out the fridge. This was a task that I needed to do anyway today but because I was able to do it before lunch I was able to take many of the odds and ends and make lunch. Thus using up most of the leftovers and random fruits and veggies that would otherwise be shoved to the back, forgotten, and then given to the chickens or added to the compost. Only 3 items were beyond saving and were added to the compost. An added bonus to getting this task done early was that when we went grocery shopping we were able to put everything perishable away first thing because there was room.

Continuing with this idea I was able to make our menu for the following week mainly using things that we already have. Using up canning and other stored food so that it doesn’t go to waste. It also helps me to plan our garden for the year. What do we use a lot of? What do we need more of less of? How will we use what we plant?

This simple thought can change a lot and make you be creative.It makes you see things differently. As I continue to clear out the ridiculous amount of excess stuff from our home and our lives it makes me think twice about what I purchase and check to see if I may already own something that will fulfill the need. Making do with what you have.


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