Making room for the unexpected

Yet another round of sickness has made it through our family. It was quite a doozy and we are still not 100% but definitely better than last weekend. This time while sick I had plenty of time to think. I couldn’t do anything else, even holding a book required too much effort. So think and pray is what I did. Realizing how plans change, how dreams change and that is okay. Even a few months ago I would have been fighting to keep my dreams, fighting for the things that I want. There is a peace this time too. Knowing that things are going to have to change to accommodate what is to come and we need to make the changes now to plan for the future.

You see my husband and I both have medical problems. Most of the time these things aren’t issues but when there are flare ups and we are both stuck with problems at the same time it isn’t pleasant for anyone. So letting go of dreams to make room for new ones. How do we make it work? How do we plan for the future and future needs? How do we need to change? How will these changes affect our children? The list goes on. It is exciting to plan for something new and not know what to expect.


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