So that

The dishes once again piled in the sink. The laundry still not completely done. And yet, I am getting it. The tasks don’t take as long. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I will, no I must do these tasks over and over so that I can take care of my family. So that there can be meals prepared, so that we can sit down at a table together and fellowship, so that we can teach our children. Every time I do these tasks I am doing something. Something is better than nothing.

With each chore completed, taking less time to do each time, the plans and dreams for our home are becoming clearer. What is truly important. Teaching and modeling for our children what being a good steward is. The value of an apology, forgiveness, grace, and compassion. Yes, the housework is important but teaching my children to love and serve Jesus is absolutely necessary. The importance of being authentic. Living a life in earnestness of our creator. Delighting in him and bringing Him glory.


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