13 Days in

13 days into 2016. 13 days of fresh starts and new beginnings. Trying to remind myself of this daily. It is a new day. So what if I didn’t get everything on my list done. Most days it has been plans, what plans. Flying by the seat of my pants. Praying. Praying with the wrong motives and for the wrong reasons. Lord, let my children be good today so that I can get my tasks done so I can feel like I am moving in the right direction. Lord, what am I doing so wrong? I feel like I am a horrible mother. What is wrong.”

Then last night and today. The reminder that I have not been in His word. At all. I desire to do it and have had times when I could and should but I don’t. I chose something else. I chose something over Him and His presence. I talk to my children all day about choices. You can make good choices and bad choices and there are consequences to both.

Dealing with issues of the heart and flesh, is never easy. The start to this year has been less then ideal. To say it has been rough would be an understatement. When I was having those challenging days what if instead of complaining I prayed, ” Lord, capture their hearts, capture mine. Change our hearts, our attitudes, our desires. Lord, help me show grace.” Oh, how different my days might have gone.

These are just my random thoughts for the day. New day, new year. Big changes. Small changes. Looking forward to what our family will learn and experience this year.


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