Life, the past couple months

So… those times in life where everything seems to fall apart and you feel you can hardly catch your breath before being plunged into the next thing, pretty much sums up the last two months. My husband has been working a lot at both jobs so we haven’t seen him much, I have been sick with a cold for almost two months, Tony and I were both in car accidents (we are both fine but both cars need some work), Analise swallowed a penny while Tony was out of town, discovered water in the basement, Candy our bantam hen passed away, and the list goes on

Lots of stress, many moments of being overwhelmed but fingers crossed we are finally getting some of this mess sorted out and hopefully finding a better normal. Life no longer feels like it is on hold and I may actually get something accomplished!

First up: finish reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I started reading it months ago and never finished or tried her methods until this week. Hoping to finish reading it by next weekend. I printed out a checklist and began with the first item, clothing. Now I knew we had a lot of clothing and linens but  didn’t realize how much until  I put it all in one place. My living room and dining room are covered in clothing. 5 people should not own this much stuff.  I still have maybe 10 loads of laundry to do before I am completely caught up. I currently have most of the items separated into piles so that I can begin sorting tomorrow and begin putting the items we are keeping away where they belong. This one project will help immensely in keeping our house clean and closer to our goals!