Just Have to Start Somewhere

Okay. Breathe. I really want to be organized. I am desperate to find a system that will work for our family. I have to remember that I am not going to instantly be where I want to be. This is going to be a very slow process. I need to find a routine. I honestly don’t know if it will work. What I do know is that I am great at researching and planning projects. I am not good at completing anything. My home is filled with projects in various states of completion and I have papers and clothing everywhere.  We have clutter everywhere. It is humiliating. I dread the thought of someone coming to the door. I need this change. My family needs this change.

So I know I want to get organized,where do I start? I have tried several products and systems and nothing has worked for me. I don’t know if that is because I never stuck with it or the system just wasn’t right for us.  I was also trying to find / use a system that wasn’t going to cost me any money or very little. I am  realizing that isn’t very realistic. Our house is old and has very little storage/closets. I need to invest in some quality storage solutions.

I am excited for this journey and what getting organized will look like for our family.  I have no idea where this will take us. Ready for routines and to get rid of clutter. First up cleaning my sink.

Making Plans and Hot Chocolate

We have been so busy the last few weeks that we have hardly had a chance to catch our breath, let alone get much done. Adjusting to new fall schedules with children takes work. 🙂 So today I am taking a few minutes while they are having quiet time to do some planning, praying, and enjoying some double chocolate hot cocoa with 01eaabd3ea78c1ded7e721d28bd070901e539350d8whipped cream. Well I better get to it.

Today’s Harvest

After a beautiful weekend spending time together as a family, I told myself I would try to get just a couple things checked off my ever growing to do list before the start of a new week. I went outside with the intention of  just picking strawberries and cleaning the chicken coop. Here is what I ended up with:Harvest 10.11.15

  • strawberries-ready to add to a smoothie in the morning
  • 4 eggs (2 out of our 3 spring chicks are finally laying)!
  • purple and golden beets- going to try beet tops for the first time and roasted beets with feta are on the menu this week
  •  flowers from basil plants-turned into pesto, to be used in soups and other dishes over the winter

The chickens now have clean nesting boxes and the chicken tractor moved to fresh grass, the compost has been taken out,  and Candy (our bantam chicken) has recovered from her injuries so she can try once again to join the others. If they can’t play nice this time then we may have to look at finding her a new home. Who knew chickens were such bullies.

My fridge is full of mostly healthy food, ready for our meals for the week, some of it we grew ourselves! The dishwasher is currently running so I can have clean dishes in the morning. Feeling so thankful tonight for all these blessings.

Kasper’s First Soccer Game

Today began our family began our adventure into the world of soccer. Kasper had his first soccer game today and in keeping with living in the Pacific Northwest it poured. We were soaked pretty much head to toe before we even reached the field, Thankfully it stopped and the sun came out right before the game started and we were able to dry out.

Watching kids at this age play soccer is so  fun. We don’t keep score and you can really watch them grow as they learn fundamentals and you see that light bulb go off when something finally clicks for them. He played most of the hour long game and was pretty tired by the end.  He loved running up and down the field with his friends not really caring where the ball was going. He was having fun.

Analise’s 1st Ballet Class

Analise ballet 10.2015

Tonight this little girl had her first ballet class. She has been so excited to go ever since our friend Coral showed her how to stand in 1st position and do a plie. She loved shopping for her leotard and shoes and picking out all the pink.

Then it was time to get ready to change and go and she panicked. She didn’t want to go. She wanted to do tap instead. What if she was all alone? We persuaded her to go and give it a try but NO skirt! She was so convinced that she was not going to like it the whole way there.

Once we got there she put her ballet shoes on and walked right into class! It was so fun to watch all the little girls learning the steps and positions. Analise really enjoyed it and is already counting down until next time.