This House Is Our Home

Coming to terms that this house is going to be my home for right now and the foreseeable future. We loved this house when we bought it and we still love our house and our property just not the location. My husband and I have talked and dreamed about moving and building our own home, however he reached this conclusion before I did, that now is not the time. It is a difficult pill to swallow because I would love to move back home or even somewhere else where I could have a farm. I really miss living in the country.  Unless something happens and someone randomly wants to purchase our house, this is home.

My challenge is now to make this house functional and organized so that we can have our own small, just shy of a  1/2 acre farm here in the suburbs/city.  Not sure what or how we will make it happen or even what it will look like. There are many things to figure out and save for because this wont happen over night and I want to take the time to plan this out and make it beautiful. I am excited for the memories we have made here and the ones that we will make  in the future!


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